Bones - A necessity or a luxury?

September 11, 2019

Bones - A necessity or a luxury?

There is no doubt that dogs love to chew! They love to chew their toys, beds, furnitures, and mainly bones. Are bones a necessary part of their weekly dietary consumption or is it simply a luxury?

The correct answer is that bones are actually very important for your dogs and can help your dog maintain good dental hygiene.

So let us dive down on some of the reasons why your dog needs chew bones and why quality of chew bones matter.


Dental Benefits


Chewing bones provide dental benefits to dogs, especially if you do not brush your dog's teeth regularly. It helps removes the tar from between the teeth and it also promotes gum health. 

Did you know that according to many vets a lot of dental diseases can be prevented simply by providing chew bones regulary? 

When your dog chews on that bone or chew toy, a variety of things are actually taking place. At a body structure level, by chewing, your dog is building and maintaining the muscle, tendon, and even bone structure of their neck, jaws, and other important parts.

Inside their mouth, a whole array of other things is taking place. Here, they are working their teeth and gums, specifically removing tartar, plaque, and other dental debris lodged in the teeth.

What happens when dogs aren’t able to chew as much as they should? Back to body structure, the dog will likely lack optimum structural strength in the neck, jaws, shoulders and other areas important to dogs in nearly all areas of life function.

Inside the mouth, plaque, cavities, and even nasty infections can also result from the lack of hygiene.


Mental Fulfillment


Dogs need their mental exercise everyday and this can be satisfied mostly by doing training exercises or puzzle games. A small part of providing a chew bone to your dogs are providing mental exercise to your dogs. Chewing a bone will roughly take anywhere between 20 to 45 minutes and it will give them a much needed mental exercise during this period.

Remember, when a dog is deprived of mental activity, they tend to act out or feel depressed. This is one of the main reasons why your dog can be destructive around the house. Just keep note that a dog that is well exercised both physically and mentally can be trained easier and is also more obedient on a daily basis.




While teething mostly occurs during the early age of puppyhood, many adult dogs still love to chew on objects. This is why a good quality toy is very important! However, it is great to regularly change their routine and to provide them a chew bone to satisfy their teething requirements! By allowing them to chew on natural chew bones, there will be less risks of your dog chewing your sofa!


Go Natural!


When it comes to chew bones, there are many choices. The most common choices that you will find are rawhide. These are definitely a terrible option for your dog to chew on! Rawhide are not natural bones and are made with leather and flavorings! Chew Bones that are single ingredient tend to be the best as they have not been altered by artificial flavorings and contain no preservatives. 

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