Mingala-Bark was born out of the love that we have for our two dogs, Zuko and Messi. Being parents of two young puppies, we wanted to be able to provide the best quality treats and toys for our boys.

As we did more research, we realized that the pet supply market in Myanmar was severely lacking in options. This led us to search for healthier dog food aboard, and it opened our eyes to the world of high quality snacks that a dog can have daily without sacrificing their health.

Seeing how happy our boys are with their treats and toys, we wanted to bring the same joy to all dogs in Myanmar. With this vision, we created MINGALA-BARK.

Mingala-Bark is the first company in Myanmar to provide access to premium dog products to dog parents here in Myanmar. Each product in the Mingala-Bark box has been carefully chosen and tested by our team. We pride ourselves in choosing products that are unique, delicious and highly nutritious.

As of 2020, Mingala-Bark has started carrying brands that are available in Myanmar through Mingala-Bark. The brands we represent will always have a big focus on a natural and healthy lifestyle and in bringing these brands in, we are hoping that we can help change many lives in Myanmar. We represent brands such as Loyalty Pet Treats, Kin+Kind, ROOTS, Himalayan Pet Supply, Adored Beasts Apothecary, FitPet, WAG. We will continously be searching for more brands that we believe can highly impact your dog's life.