Here are some of our most frequently asked questions. If your question goes beyond our lists, contact us through our contact us page.


Mystery Box

For mystery boxes that has been launched, we will be happy to explain and elaborate on all the products inside the box. In our products page, you will also find a lists of products inside those boxes. For upcoming boxes that have not been launched, it will remain a mystery until our first batch of orders have been delivered!

While we cannot fully customize our unreleased boxes, we can allow you to customize your treat box by building your own box. Our build a treat box option are filled with our most popular treats. You can simply choose up to 4 treats for simply 35,000 kyats. Every few months, we also have an Ulitmate Foodie Theme, where the monthly mystery box contains 4 ultra premium treats and no toys. Subscribe to our newsletter to remain updated!

Yes! While our website does not support subscription, you can simply message us that you want our box every month. This way, you do not have to visit our website every month to purchase. We will simply confirm the order a few days before our box's release date.

According to lots of our customers, our box is actually worth its price! We guarantee that if you purchase our box items individually, the costs will be greater than 40,000 kyats retail. The brands that we work with can only be purchased through Mingala-Bark as pet stores here do not carry them.

Treats and Bones

Of course! We strongly believe that dogs should be fed with good quality treats since they are young! We do recommend feeding them treats ONLY after 12 weeks old and to introduce them slowly to prevent any upset stomach. Good quality treats from a young age benefits them as they get older so that they can remain healthy.

ALL of our chew bones in the store are 100% natural and contains no nasty ingredients such as preservatives, fillers, junk, etc. MOST of them are digestible, while a few has a big bone that cannot be digested. Feel free to talk to us if you are unsure. Whether it is digestible or not, we do recommend supervising your dog when they are chewing the bone!

Our treats and bones are mainly sourced from Australia and New Zealand, but we do have many brands that we work with from all over the world such as USA, Singapore, Thailand, Korea.

Order and Payment

We accept Cash on Delivery, KBZ pay, or KBZ bank transfer

At Mingala-Bark, we want to ensure that the whole process is very convenient for you. Feel free to use your preferred ordering method whether it is through our website, Facebook or Instagram. We do occasionally hold website only sale!

Our Brand

First and foremost, we are dog parents that heavily research for our own fur kids. Unlike our competitors, our dogs eat ALL the treats that we will include in the boxes. As dog parents, we only feed our dogs the best possible treats so that they can grow up healthily. Secondly, we only accept and work with brands that are well known for their quality products. We do not work with brands and vendors that use cheap ingredients or treats filled with chemicals and artificial ingredients.

Our exclusive brands mean that we work closely with these brands and are the only retailer that provides access to these brands here in Myanmar. These brands are heavily vetted by us and are brands that we believe can help improve many dog's lives here.