Loyalty Pet Treats - Dental Roo Rib

Loyalty Pet Treats

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Loyalty Pets Dental Roo Ribs Dog Treats are kangaroo meat hand cut at every two to three ribs to give you better portion control from sustainable sources.Aromatically pleasing to both you & your dog all due to our exclusive Nutrieseal™ process that locks in all the natural nutrition & flavour.No slow drying or cooking, but purely moisture extraction under precisely controlled low temperature conditions.Only the best for your dog there is a wealth of health benefits due to this nutrient rich Roo Rib.


    • All natural premium, 100% Austrailian single-ingredient
    • Human food grade pet treats
    • Absolutely no added salt, sugar, soy, preservatives, gluten, added flavours, fillers, and color.
    • Does NOT slow dry or cook, it is pure moisture extraction under precisely controlled low temperature conditions.
    • Kangaroo has up to 5 times the level of omega-6 fatty acid as compared to other meats,promoting anti-inflammatory properties & enhance immunity.
    • Rich in high-quality protein, iron and zinc which are essential for the good health of your pets.
    • Does not require refrigeration.