March Mystery Box

A box packed with products mainly from Australia will never dissapoint. Indulge in our very unique, flat out nasty toy to eliminate mess. Our treats are sure to make your dog begs for more, especially with our featured product of the month, Freeze Dry Australia's Chicken Neck.

Box Includes:

1. Flat Out Nasties (Scratchmo/Scratchette): Does your dog destroy their toys in a matter of seconds? Our flat out nasty toys contain no stuffings! As we love to say, no stuffing no mess.

2. Freeze Dry Australia Chicken Neck: A whole chicken neck freeze dried? What could be better! Our freeze dried chicken necks are whole necks that have been freeze dried to maintain 100% nutritional value while maintaining the taste too! Perfectly used as a medium chew bone, our chicken neck have great dental benefits!

3. WAG Kangaroo Jerky/Cube: 100% Kangaroo that has been air dried! Did you know that Kangaroos contain over 90% lean meat? This acts as a low-calorie and high-protein snack for any dogs!

4. Bok Bok Fish Topping: Simply sprinkle it on top of your dog's meal and let it work its magic! Our fish topping is sure to make any meals more appetizing! Don't believe us? Try it out!