June Mystery Box

Spending time at home has become the norm for a lot of people. What's better than to have a movie time with your dog? Introducing our movie time mystery box featuring our popcorn plush toy and popcorn treat!

Box Includes:

1. Fuzzyard Pupcorn: No movie session is complete without a popcorn. Enjoy your movie night with your dog and give them their own serving of pupcorn.

2. YakyCharms: A pupcorn plush toy is not enough without the actual popcorn treat! Simply microwave our YakyCharm and let it cool. Serve it after it cooled down and watch your pup beg for more!

3. WOOF Wild Venison: Freeze dried products are the best! Try out this snack during movie time! It is both healthy and delicious!

4. Pooch and Mutt Calm & Relaxed: All natural, ethical, low-calorie, hand-baked mini-bones that dog love. They include lamb, chamomile and I-tryptophan. Chamomile was traditionally used in ancient Greece, Egypt and beyond to aid relaxation L-tryptophan is essential to form serotonin, the 'feel good neurotransmitter'. Give these treats to your dog before stressful situations such as vet visits, car journey, fireworks, competitions, separation or just a nice bedtime snack.