April Mystery Box

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Our second Ultimate Treat Box! This month's ultimate treat box is packed with yummy foods from the sea. Seafood as an alternative protein is packed with Omega 3, while also great for dogs with sensitive stomach.

Box Includes:

1. Freeze Dry Australia Green Lipped Mussels - Green lipped mussels are considered as one of the superfoods due to its high nutrients, omega-3 and glucosamine level. It is great for dogs looking for shinier fur and also helps promote joint health due to its high glucosamine level that is easily absorbed by the dog.

2. Darford Salmon - Dogs will definitely enjoy this biscuit! Salon is one of the world's favorite seafood and this will make your dog beg for more! It is also mixed with some chia seeds for a nutritional punch.

3. Bok Bok Fish Cartilage - A great chew snack for smaller dogs or a simple treat for bigger dogs! Our cartilage are made from shark cartilages and only use real meat.

4. WAG Forage Fish - THis is a great simple treat for dogs who love some seafood. Packed with Omega-3, it carries a lot of skin benefit along and is easy on the tummy for dog's with allergies.